Frequently Asked Quesitons
Here are answers to common questions about and our monthly subscription service.
What is a SecretSexBox?
A SecretSexBox is a gift subscription that you order for yourself and your lover. It arrives every month and provides you with fun and exciting products to share. Each month includes a different sensual theme and focuses on exploration and fun.
How much does a SecretSexBox cost?
The SecretSexBox subscription costs $19.95 per month. This price includes the cost of shipping directly to your door.
What is inside a SecretSexBox?
Each month has a different theme and products surrounding that theme, but most months include some type of lotion or potion, possibly a small toy, and/or some form of educational / instructional material. Some items are full-size, some are small, and some are sample-size. It is a box of items that you will want to experiment with.
Can I buy one as a Gift?
Yes you can. Paypal will let you pay for a SecretSexBox while sending it to another person. It is easy.
When is the SecretSexBox shipped?
Your first Secret Sex Box ships immediately from our warehouse and each subsequent box ships on your monthly "anniversary date" which is the same day of the month every month. Paypal will bill your account and then notify us. We ship your item as soon as you are billed. Our warehouse operates Monday-Friday.
Can I cancel my subscription at any time?
You may cancel your subscription any time. Cancellation is easy and handled through Paypal. Cancellations are effective immediately, so you will never be billed after you cancel. If you cancel right after your monthly anniversary date you may receive a parcel right after the cancellation but we will never bill you for a box you don't receive and we will never bill you after you have canceled your subscription.
Where do you deliver Secret Sex Boxes to?
We deliver SecretSexBoxes to any US Postal service delivery address. If the US Postal Service delivers to you, we'll ship a SecretSexBox there. This includes Puerto Rico, Guam, and military/government APO/FPO addresses.
Can I order a SecretSexBox outside of the USA?
Not at this time. In the future we may offer SecretSexBoxes in Canada and then other countries. International customers are encouraged to shop at which offers worldwide shipping.
Who delivers the SecretSexBox?
SecretSexBoxes are delivered by the US Postal service.
Is The SecretSexBox shipped in a discreet manner?
Absolutely. The SecretSexBox is delivered in a plain brown box. The return address reads "Your Friends At PriveCo." Privacy is our specialty. Our company is actually called PriveCo which is short for Private Company. You can learn more about us here.
What if I don't like my SecretSexBox?
Tell us about it. We need your feedback to improve the product.
Can I return a SecretSexBox?
Unopened boxes can be returned for a $14.49 refund ($19.99-$5.50 in shipping) but opened boxes are non-returnable.
Do you offer any special offers or discounts?
Periodically we offer a reduced price for your first month, and inside your parcel you can find coupons for other products at PriveCo websites.
Are SecretSexBoxes tasteful or offensive?
We try very hard to provide a healthy, fun, sex-positive package for you every month. Is there a chance that some people will be offended by the contents? Possibly, but we doubt those people are our subscribers. We take our customer feedback very seriously and respond to it so that our product is perfectly received. For over a decade we have run the website and we use that experience to choose great products for
How large is a Secret Sex Box?
The typical sized box for a Secret Sex Box is 8 inches by 6 inches by 6 inches although they are sometimes larger and sometimes smaller.
How much does a Secret sex box cost?
$19.95 per box including shipping.
Can I buy a single SecretSexBox?
You can sign up for a BetterSexBox and then cancel your subscription soon afterward. As long as you cancel within the first month, you will never be billed a second time.
What is the retail value of a SecretSexBox?
Approximately $30-$35. We include at least $25 worth of merchandise, approximately $5.50 in shipping, premium packaging, decades of product knowledge, and a priceless feeling of surprise.
Has This Service Always Been Called SecretSexBox?
No. Originally, we were called BetterSexBox, and changed our name in December of 2012 in response to a trademark request by a company with the Better Sex trademark.
Will my partner enjoy the SecretSexBox?
Yes. They will and you will too.